Manager,  Marketing and Public Relations – Judy Strawn

Event Organizer, Presentation Team Program – Judy Strawn

Executive Assistant, 2022 NHRA Field Trip Program – Andrew Baum

Executive Assistant – Sriwani Padu Lemba

Event Assistant, Grand Prix On-Site Event Coordinator Sabrina Rivera

Grand Prix On-Site Event Coordinator (Racer Presentations and Expo Tour) – Felix Giles
(Volunteer Courtesy Title only.  This volunteer does not have authority within the RWC organization, but does have very limited authority (on-site only) during RWC Southern California Quick Tips on Winning in Life Field Trip events.)

On-Site Event Coordinator (Event Materials) – Russ Pottenger

On-Site Event Coordinator (Event Materials) – Robert Flashner

On-Site Event Coordinator (Volunteers) – Alan Santa Cruz

On-Site Event Coordinator (Event Materials, Volunteers) – Kylee Khalaf

Event Assistant, On-Site Event Coordinator, 2022 NHRA Field Trip Program – Jessica Morford

RWC General Corporate and Event Organization and Management – Judy Strawn

Website Manager – Nishant Gandhi

Photographer – John Lawson