Founder’s Message

Jhonnattan Castro, Judy Strawn and Spencer Pigot.

Racers’ lives are on the line every day just doing their job. This has such an impact on kids. They know racers’ lives are on the line every time they compete. This is fascinating to kids! Some of our racers are competing at speeds of over 300 miles an hour. Kids are curious. They want to know: how do racers do this? Where did they learn how to win? Who helped them to reach for their dreams?

Kids want to know what it’s like to be inside the head of a racer. Racers Who Care helps make this happen. Meeting a racing hero has a positive effect on kids. I’ve seen it first hand over and over again. Our racers share personal stories of victory, defeat and triumph. Kids really respond to this.

Motorsports is a rare and unique profession. Racing breeds rare and unique individuals. Racers work hard and train hard. They prepare themselves mentally and emotionally to win in a high stakes industry. That is why I founded Racers Who Care. That is why I donate my time to this outreach and have done so for over 19 years. Because these individuals make ideal mentors for kids. I believe that kids and teens deserve to feel they can be winners in their own lives whatever their circumstances. These racers make a difference. And, their message, though similar to what kids’ hear from parents and teachers, is underscored for them from glamorous, exciting, live action personalities who are not authority figures.

If I can encourage a champion racer to interact with kids during an after school program or to meet with a sick child in a hospital ward, then I know these children will feel the inspiration and encouragement that comes from meeting a true hero.

Our racers come from just about every classification of motor sports: From top fuel dragster to Le Mans prototype racers, from sprint car to stock car to sportsman racers to 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance racers, champion motorcycle riders, boat racers and truck racers. These extraordinary men and women bring hope and inspiration to children and teens in public schools, after school programs, hospital wards, kids’ clubs, shelters and detention centers.

These racers who care about the future for children and teens, and about the quality of their lives, inspire kids from all walks of life. Racers Who Care has inspired many thousands of kids since our 1993 inception. My goal is to make it possible for racers to reach out and inspire even more, throughout the world!

I personally want to encourage more racers to join us in giving kids valuable personalized tips on navigating the bumps, potholes and barricades on the road of life. Soon, Racers Who Care will be establishing Racer Presentation Teams in key areas around the U.S. near major motorsports venues. I encourage people who would like to do volunteer work directly with racers and kids’ groups, and schools interested in racer presentations for their students, to contact us at

Judy Strawn
Founder, President