Welcome To Racers Who Care

Racers Who Care, Inc. is a Hohenwald, TN based 501C3 charitable corporation. That works with auto, boat, motorcycle and truck racers dedicated to making a positive difference for our next generation.

In southern california and throughout the United States., in communities surrounding their tracks, RWC’s racers unforgettably impact kids with exciting observations on how to succeed, presented by people who have — very publicly, and in a field perceived as ruthless, tough and unforgiving.

Presentations center on key universal truths RWC calls quick tips on winning in life, applicable to all children and teens regardless of age, cultural background, or life experience: find something to do in life that you really love, study, learn the art of teamwork, find a mentor, take the long view, be flexible with your dreams and goals, avoid the path of least resistance, and more.

QUICK TIPS ON WINNING IN LIFE FROM RACERS WHO CARE! Because of knowledge gained through learning the ropes of racing, attaining skills and becoming leaders in their field, racers are uniquely positioned to fill a void in youngsters’ general education between what they learn in school and what they need to know as they approach the realm of adulthood and entering the workplace, how to: establish working relationships, develop coping skills, locate mentors and other key practicalities. RWC’s quick tips on winning life presentations are free of charge to the host organizations. Our spokesracers and coordinators donate their time. Now in its 25th year, RWC has maintained a low profile while organizing and building up a proven track record for its presentations.